"Today Belenergia is an integrated group, which works on all levels for the valuation of alternative resources. The development of our industrial initiatives and the experience gained in recent years has reinforced our conviction that there is only one way to guarantee the success of our projects: in making them become a growth opportunity also for the whole community and the country hosting them. All our investments are measured not only in terms of economic return they generate for the company but also for the benefits that those are able to create for all our stakeholders. We believe that the true indicator of success for a company like our is to constantly submit itself to the binomial " ethic and responsibility" keeping in mind the social value of our shares. Submit itself to these criteria requires all the talent and the daily commitment of each person of our Group. We have a coherent and ambitious strategy based on three lines of action: innovation and excellence as the basis for sustainable growth and transparent reporting of all our activities.

Based on these assumptions, we have a compliance system of rules consistent with the D.Lgs. 231/01 (and subsequent modifications incorporated) and the best international practices and have adopted the organizational model viewable here. We consider that the rules of conduct and ethical principles are the foundation of our actions on the markets and the inevitable part of any social and economic relationship that we would take part. "

Jacques Edouard Levy

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