In order to optimally coordinate the various developments as well as its assets, Belenergia creates an Executive Committee which meets monthly to present the salient information of the month, work on issues and significant tradeoffs and take all strategic decisions at an engaging level for the Group.
The Executive Committee is composed of the Group's founding team supported by a Senior Board Member, the Technical Director and the CFO.

Vincent Bartin
Chairman of the Board

French industrial based in Belgium, he leads until 2008 the family group, Bartin Recycling Group, one of the French leaders in the recycling of scrap iron and metals (around 300 million euros of turnover and 600 employees in 2007). Having developed its business in Western Europe and in China through more than 50 acquisitions and accompanied by banks Credit Agricole and Lazard as minority shareholders for many years, Vincent Bartin sold his group to Veolia in 2008 .

In 2010, with his experience in directing an industrial group, he decided to revive the adventure and create with Jacques Levy, Belenergia. Initially a financial vehicle, it has quickly transformed into an industrial company in the field of energy, offering many beautiful opportunities of growth.

Jacques Edouard Lévy
CEO and Manager of the Italian subsidiaries

Jacques Edouard Lévy first worked in the Anglo-Saxon investment bank Wasserstein Perella-. He was deputy director at Natixis Finance. He headed the corporate finance division of KBC in France between 2000 and 2002.

As an independent, Jacques Edouard Lévy has developed consulting and financing activities, through Aucteor Finance, made a LBO on the Peaks Group then launched an operational investment holding, EverCapital France which he left to his management partner since 2010.

Jacques Edouard Lévy is at the Board or a Supervisory Board member of the following companies: Group Cimes, Obea, Affluences Agysoft, Heptacom, EverCapital.

Charles Cuypers
COO and Manager of the French subsidiaries, Agrolec President

Charles Cuypers began his career in marketing and promotion within large international communication groups such as Carat Groups, Sofirad and France Telecom.

He creates and develops the brand Bebloom (direct floral distribution and transmission to individuals and businesses - Group Bloom Trade) in which he was chairman. For several years Charles develops renewable energy projects in the agriculture area, through Agrolec society. He is Vice Chairman of the French Union of Independent Electricity Producers (APESI).
Bruno de Pellegars-Malhortie

With over 20 years’ experience in industrial investment infrastructure, Bruno de Pellegars joined Belenergia as Senior Board Member in 2016.
After leaving Veolia in 2014, he established a partnership with Oaktree Capital through which a first deal was concluded in March 2015 for US $ 480 million.
In 2003, when he was Director of Development and International Activities at Dalkia (Veolia Environment Group), he made his overseas development spearhead until a total of 5 billion euros, or 55% of total turnover.
In 2001, he joined Veolia Water as Executive Project Manager in charge of Business Development.
In 1997, he became Deputy CFO of VIA-GTI (Keolis) the leader company in development and operation of public transport activities.
After being nominated Vice President of the Fusion Acquisition Department of Banque Paribas in 1989, he joined as a Director in 1992 the Fund PAI Partners where he was in charge of Transport and Energy Activities and Natural Resources.

Francesco Leone
Technical Director of Belenergia

Francesco Leone graduated in Civil Engineering Hydraulics specialization at the University of Bologna in 1998.
Over the years, he trained in construction safety management and specifically to Evaluation of Environmental Impact (Environmental Impact Assessment). He also completed a Master of Expertise in Energy Management.
In 2002 he founded with his partner Gianluca Perrone (engineer) an engineering, IA Ing. which operates throughout the country (Italy)
He entered the world of renewable energy in 2008, first by treating a number of photovoltaic projects and construction management of a large biomass plant and then creating the SWM; an company specialized in maintenance of photovoltaic sites.

Fabio Caggiula
CFO of Belenergia

With 5 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, he joined Belenergia in 2014 as a controller before being nominated in 2016 Chief Financial Officer.
He is graduated of the Rome University and had a MBA in partnership with the Hong Kong Baptist University before working as Senior Financial Advisor at Ernst & Young from 2004 to 2011.
He also serves on the Board of Directors of Enterra.

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